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Students are Saying

“The most fun I’ve had in a long time! Clear, concise, interesting. You are a great teacher!”
Hot and Spicy Thailand Dinner
Bob, Bethesda, MD

“What a thrill it was for me to take my first cooking class ever. Your attention to detail is remarkable. Thank you for your gift of teaching.”
Susan, McLean, VA

“I’ve been raving about the Dinner Party to everyone I meet. It was a spectacular evening of learning, tasting, and talking. Everything on the menu was beautiful and delicious.”
Diane, Old Town Alexandria, VA

Fun, inspiring, and very do-able. A cooking class that can truly be taken home.”
Elizabeth, Wash. DC

“My best dinner parties and menus are from Judy’s classes.”
Lisa, Arlington, VA

“I learned a lot and now feel less intimidated about cooking challenges. You Judy, and your assistant’s help made everything so hospitable and relaxing.”
Bill, Herndon, VA

We loved learning how to use a wok as a smoker (for chicken, fish, or meats) at one of Judy Harris’s wonderful cooking class/dinner parties.  I had no idea that a wok was so versatile, but now I know how to use it as a smoker, a steamer or a deep fryer, as well as for stir frying.

What’s great about Judy Harris cooking classes is that in one evening you learn the techniques and secrets of making a fabulous meal, then eat the delicious dinner you helped prepare.  If you come alone, as I did for the first class I took, you’ll team up with others to prepare various parts of the recipes for each dish.  Three other friends joined me for the second class I took …it’s a fun thing to do for a Girls Night Out (or Boys Night Out) or as couples.  There was also a mother and son having fun cooking together at one of the classes.  Judy’s teaching style is very clear, friendly and effective, whether you are a beginner or very advanced in the kitchen.  Classes are small, so you get very personalized attention.

It’s like going to a good restaurant and the chef actually teaches you how to cook the meal, sits down and eats dinner with you to discuss the yummy results, and sends you home with all the recipes.  Next I want to try one of the French, Italian or Spanish cooking technique classes.

Donna C., Washington, DC

I recently took one of Judy Harris’s Thai dinner classes and it was just outstanding!  Because the menu was so exotic, I never would have attempted to make these dishes at home.  But Judy is a wonderful instructor.  She went over all the recipes in advance, and during class was always available for questions and to demonstrate prepping and cooking techniques.  I loved her method of easily coring and chopping fresh sweet peppers and learning to stir fry in a hot wok was a first for me.  Because everything was made from scratch, the class was very hands on.  And amazingly, the class was able to make and sit down together to enjoy the most wonderful 3 course meal in under 3 hours!  It was such great fun and a terrific learning experience from a very professional chef and teacher.

Deborah C., Alexandria, VA

The class was a lot of fun! We did Roman-Italian cuisine. All the dishes were easy, but yet seemed very fancy- perfect to reuse and impress guests!
When we first showed up, she provided appetizers with wine. We then sat down and went over the meals we were going to make and she gave very helpful tips- like how to cook pasta, which I know everyone thinks they know how to do, but there IS actually more to learn!
Then we broke into pairs (we were couples) and each of us prepared something different. Judy and her assistant were very helpful and it was a lot of fun! Once everything was done, we sat down and had our meals as courses with wine. It was so nice chatting with everyone, and everything was so delicious! Especially the amaretto ice cream mmmm.
The next day we went home and tried out one of the dishes on our own, but with our own touch. Turned out really great! Definitely recommend Judy Harris cooking school! I will go back to try a different cuisine next time- maybe Thai?!

Laura B., Arlington, VA

I had such a great time at Judy Harris Cooking School that I decided to post a review.
After a brief overview of the menu, we got into teams to cook together under Judy’s supervision.
We of course asked many questions during the cooking and Judy answered all of them with a lot of patience and always with a smile. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of tricks to teach us.
The food we prepared was superb; everyone was very excited and got along very well with each other.
The best part was the sit down diner where we got to taste all of the dishes that we prepared ourselves. We had time to talk to each other and make new friends. I took many of Judy’s classes and each time it was a success. I truly recommend Judy’s classes if you want to have good time and learn great diners and cooking techniques.
Lisa, Alexandria, VA



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